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$todoMarker$ cite specifics of the problem behavior on $siteName$ and cite the [help center]($helpCenterUrl$) if relevant. $todoMarker$ issue warning or suspension $todoMarker$ explain what the user can do to address the behavior problem, and encourage them to return (that is, if you want them back) once the behavior has been addressed.
Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from your account because most of your questions need improvement or are out of scope for this site. See the Help Center page [Why are questions no longer being accepted from my account?]($questionBansUrl$) to learn more. $brTag$ Please **do not create a new account**. Instead, work on *improving your existing questions* by editing them to comply with [the site's guidelines]($howToAskUrl$) and address any feedback you've received. You can also continue to contribute to the site in other ways, such as [editing]($editingUrl$) other posts to improve them. К сожалению, мы больше не принимаем вопросы от вашей учётной записи, т.к. большинство ваших вопросов требуют улучшения или не соответствуют тематике сайта. См. страницу Справки [Почему блокируются вопросы с моей учётной записи?]($questionBansUrl$) для дополнительной информации. $brTag$ Пожалуйста, **не создавайте новый аккаунт**. Вместо этого займитесь *улучшением ваших существующих вопросов* путём их правки, чтобы они соответствовали [рекомендациям сайта]($howToAskUrl$), реагируйте на все отзывы, которые вы получаете. Вы также можете продолжить вносить свой вклад на сайт другим способом, например, улучшая [правкой]($editingUrl$) другие сообщения.
We noticed that many of your posts include things like signatures, tag lines, or other information that isn’t part of your question or answer. We have a [place in your profile]($editProfileUrl$) where you can tell us all about yourself, and it’s directly linked from everything you write - there’s no need to include such information in your posts. On traditional discussion forums it is often customary to be less formal and more individual, but at $siteName$, one of our goals is to build a library of high-quality questions and answers where it’s as easy as possible to find the best answer. We know it can take some adjustment, but it’s our "just the answers" ethos that results in questions getting great answers, often extremely quickly. We look forward to your future contributions. You can also share more about yourself in your profile. We actually love to see it there - it gives the community a little color - but we try to keep it out of the main Q&A. If you have questions about this, please feel free to ask.
We noticed that some of your posts seem to exist only to promote your product or website. Our [policy on promotion]($promotionUrl$) says: > The community here tends to vote down overt self-promotion and flag it as spam. Post good, relevant answers, and if some (**but not all**) happen to be about your product or website, that’s okay. However, you *must* disclose your affiliation in your answers. Any type of "astroturfing" or other guerrilla marketing promotion is not acceptable. It brings down the overall value of genuine recommendations for everyone on the site, and future instances of this may result in action, up to and including the loss of your account. We welcome future contributions that are compliant with our guidelines, and hope that you will offer questions and answers of genuine benefit to the community.
We’ve noticed a pattern of engaging in lengthy discussions in comments, frequently consisting of responses involving multiple, back-to-back posts. Comments are intended as brief messages to [provide feedback, add minor information, ask for clarification, or discuss the *content of the post*]($commentUrl$). Lengthy clarifications should be edited into the post itself or posted separately as a new question or answer, and extended discussions should be taken to [chat]($ChatUrl). Extensive comment threads tend to be a distraction for other readers. **These lengthy discussions are often hard to follow, and can easily hide critical information.** Our goal is to provide readers with expert questions and answers, **not** host discussion or debate. If you desire conversation, [stop into the site’s chat room]($chatUrl$). We hope that you can work with the community on achieving our goals by: - Asking [specific, researched, relevant, on-topic questions]($howToAskUrl$) - Providing [clear, useful, accurate and well-researched information in answers]($howToAnswerUrl$) - Treating others with [respect and civility]($behaviorUrl$)